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Toegestaane bitten KNHS springen, dressuur, eventing per 1 juli 2019


FEI Dressuur


Toegestaane bitten staan onder "ARTICLE 428 SADDLERY" in het FEI dressuur regelement

FEI Springen


Quote uit "ARTICLE 257 SADDLERY" in het FEI spring regelement

  • "1.4.There are no restrictions on bits.However, the Ground Jury has the right, based on veterinary advice, to forbid the use of a bit thatmay cause injury to the Horse.Reins must be attached to the bit(s) or directly to the bridle.A maximum of two pairs of reins may be used. If two pairs of reinsare used, one pair must be attached to the bit or directly to the bridle. Gags and hackamores are allowed."

FEI Eventing


Zie hier het FEI eventingregelement:



Zie appendix A van het eventing regelement


Cross-country & Springen:

539.3 Cross Country and Jumping Tests


The type of saddlery is optional. Gags or “bitless bridles” are allowed as are unrestricted running martingales or Irish martingales. Reins must be attached to the bit(s) or directly to the bridle. The stirrup iron and stirrup leathers must hang free from the bar of the saddle and outside of the flap.

539.3.2 Forbidden

Any form of blinkers, side, running or balancing reins; tongue straps and/or tying down the Horse’s tongue; any other restrictions, any bit or other item of saddlery likely to wound a Horse. Sheepskin (or other material) may not be used as addition on cheek pieces of the bridle.For Cross Country, any device which does not allow an immediate and unrestricted separation of the Athlete’s boot from the stirrup in case of a fall is forbidden.Neck straps, if used on Cross Country, must be attached either to the breastplate or to the saddle. For Cross Country, hackamores without bits are not allowed and the lower cheek (lever arm) may not exceed 10 cm on any bit.:



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